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Jet Performance Upgrade Stage 2 Computer Chip


Jet Performance Upgrade Stage 2 Computer Chip; Requires Use Of 91 Octane Fuel/180 Degree Thermostat/Free Flow Exhaust.

  • Offers The Most Horsepower Available
  • Provides Exclusive Full Range DST Programming
  • Each Program Is Track And Dyno Tested
  • Available Through 1995 Year Model Applications

Dominator Stage 4 Carburetor


Dominator Stage 4 Carburetor; 4 bbl; 1050 cfm; 14 lbs.;

  • Secret Weapon Of Many Pro Racers
  • Not A Modified Stock Booster
  • Signal Strength And Atomization Characteristics
  • Available With Oversized Butterflies
  • Air Flow Remains Unchanged From Stock Rating

2609-005 – Kawasaki ZX-12R 2000-2006 ORACLE LED Motorcycle Halo Kit


The halo kit is easily connected to a 12V powered source such as a switch, controller, or directly into parking lights. ColorSHIFT Halo Kits include our ColorSHIFT Wireless RF Controller.

  • Plasma Halos appear as one solid ring rather than a ring of individual LEDS
  • Available in multiple LED color choices
  • Provide High Performance Light Output with Low Power Consumption