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Weld ProStar 15×15 / 5×4.5 BP / 6.5in. BS Polished Wheel – Non-Beadlock


If there is a classic design for street and strip cars, it would be the WELD Sport Forged wheels. These designs are perhaps the most well known and established in the WELD family. They have a timeless look that has no shortage of style. 2-pc wheel design uses a revolutionary cold forged and welded construction for a lighter and stronger wheel. The best strength to weight ratio and lowest rotational moment of inertia of all mid-priced wheels.
15X15” Polished Prostar 5X4.5” Bolt Pattern 6.5” Backspace; Valve Stem and Center Cap Included; Made in Kansas City, MO USA
In production for over 30 years, the Prostar is one of WELD’s most recognizable wheels; 2-piece welded construction for reduced weight and superior strength; polished aluminum finish for the classic hot rod look; push-through center cap and valve stem included; made in Kansas City, MO USA

ICON ALLOYS REBOUND BRONZE - 17 X 8.5 / 6 X 5.5 / 25MM / 5.75" BSICON ALLOYS REBOUND BRONZE - 17 X 8.5 / 6 X 5.5 / 25MM / 5.75" BSOut Of Stock

ICON ALLOYS REBOUND BRONZE – 17 X 8.5 / 6 X 5.5 / 25MM / 5.75″ BS



  • Application-specific dimensions optimize vehicle dynamics and tire clearance
  • Reduced unsprung weight and rotating mass improves on and off-road vehicle performance
  • Aluminum alloy construction provides strength properties that are well suited for off-road use

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aFe 16-20 Mazda Miata ND 2.0L Rear Sway Bar Blue


The MX-5 Miata is known for its nimble handling and high-speed cornering, but it suffers from a surprising amount of body roll. This can lead to slow transitions and vague steering response. With aFe Control sway bars, you will be able to sharpen steering response and improve initial turn-in. Body roll will be dramatically reduced, and the adjustable front and rear sway bars will allow you to dial in the handling balance that suits your driving style. Whether its stability on the track, more rotation on the autocross, or just adding confidence during canyon carving, the aFe Control sway bars will deliver. Every aFe Control sway bar is CAD designed and CNC bent to strict tolerances. This insures precise fit and perfect operation. Rear aFe Control sway bar is 2-way adjustable. This allows the driver to dial in the rear roll resistance to achieve the desired handling bias. Rear sway bar utilizes CNC machined ends. These are TIG welded to the bar in a special fixture to insure accurate hole positioning and consistent manufacturing. aFe Control includes low deflection polyurethane bushings and premium 6061-T6 aluminum black anodized billet brackets.
aFe Control Rear Sway Bar Blue Mazda MX-5 Miata (ND) 16-20 L4-2.0L
Mazda MX-5 Miata (ND) 16-20 L4-2.0L