Synthetic Transmission Fluid Lightweight Racing 1 Quart Red Line Oil


Synthetic Transmission Fluid Lightweight Racing 1 Quart Red Line Oil

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With eight different combinations of viscosity, slipperiness, and OE-recommended additives packages, Red Line offers the widest selection of ATF available
Red Line offers the widest selection of fully-synthetic ATF on the market today
Each offer improved thermal stability, maintain viscosity levels, and feature lower volatility while providing the required frictional characteristics of each fluid’s OEM-style replacement
Reduced oxidation and lower volatility at high temperature
Allows high-temp operation without varnishing valves and clutches
Extended drain intervals

  • Sold as 1 Quart
  • Superior consistency and wear protection for Bracket and Heads-Up drag racing transmissions like Power glide and Turbo 400
  • Popular with turbo and blown door slammers like NMRA, NMCA, ORSCA and PSCA — replaces hydraulic oils and other non-ATFs used to escape heat issues
  • Low viscosity offers less frictional drag for quicker ETs and more MPH
  • Dissipates heat for longer trans life, better clutch, gear, and seal life
  • Compatible with petroleum Atfs and other brands synthetic ATF
  • Extreme-pressure protection provides much better film-strength
  • Red Line Lightweight Racing ATF is a full-synthetic formula designed specifically for use in drag racing automatic transmissions that need the positive shift of a Type-F automatic transmission fluid, yet require ultimate consistency. This ATF contains no slipperiness additives, producing faster shifts and quicker lock-up and can reduce elapsed time in drag racing. Compared to Red line racing Atf, this product maintains a comparably thin viscosity to minimize heat buildup and reduce changes in fluid thickness between rounds.
  • This product is designed for use where Type-F, Dexron, and Mercon fluids are recommended in both bracket and heads-up drag racing transmissions.
  • Vis at 100 degrees C 4.9
  • Vis at 40 degrees C 23.2
  • Viscosity Index 140
  • Pour Point, degrees C neg 50
  • Pour Point, degrees F neg 58
  • Brookfield Vis at neg 40 degrees C, P 75


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