Housing Spreader Nitro Gear and Axle


Housing Spreader Nitro Gear and Axle



Nitro Gear and Axle strives to provide the highest quality differential components available. We take the steps necessary to ensure our parts are dependable. Our product range is continually growing to meet the needs of consumers for new ratios and applications. At Nitro we know differentials, and know what it takes to provide you with high quality components. Nitro Gear and Axle also makes some great installation and setting tools as well. This tool is mandatory if you work on differentials regularly as it allows you to spread the housing so that you get the proper preload on the carrier bearings. If you’ve ever set up an ARB Air Locker this tool is almost mandatory. It will make your locker installation a breeze and much less time consuming fighting with shims and trying to get the differential installed.

  • Nitro Housing Spreader
  • Mandatory Tool If You Work On Differentials
  • Allows You To Spread Housing To Properly Set Preload On The Carrier Bearings
  • Makes Locker Installation A Breeze and Cuts Time Fighting With Shims and Setup
  • Solid Steel Construction
  • Manufacturer: Nitro Gear and Axle
  • Sold As A Kit
  • This Is A Non-Return Item


  • Dana 25
  • Dana 27
  • Dana 30
  • Dana 44
  • Dana 50
  • Dana 60/61
  • Dana 70/70U/70HD
  • Dana 80


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