BurnBox G1 Line Lock / Light Show


Line Lock / Light Show

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Charger | Challenger | 300

Line Lock: Using one of the cruise control buttons/lever (depending on vehicle model), the BurnBox G1 uses the ABS valves to hold the vehicle with the front brakes so you can hit the gas and do a perfect burnout as long as you wish, with no wear on the rear brakes. No plumbing required! This is a perfect alternative to the traditional plumbed-in solenoid type line lock/roll control. Super simple and cannot be detected! Gone are the days of plumbing in external solenoids in the brake system, having to bleed the brakes and run wires through the firewall to a switch.


Light Show: Using the keyfob or steering wheel buttons, turn on a light show that flashes the exterior lights in 9 different patterns.

6 pre-set patterns

3 customizable make-your-own patterns

Z Automotive Programming Utility (for Windows PCs only) is used for firmware updates and for configuration:

– Choose which exterior lights are included in the patterns

– Create your own patterns

– Choose which patterns to include or remove

– Choose which pattern to start with

– Save custom shows to file or load them from a file

– Can be enabled for in-motion use for authorized users and off-road parade use; email tech support for instructions

Button Remapping: Use the Adaptive Cruise distance buttons (when ACC is off), or install “Aux” buttons or viper cruise button bank and map the buttons for quick access to many of Tazer’s functions.

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