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Death Before Stock
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Few Words About Us

We think “stock sucks”! Stock is boring, this applies cars, trucks, trains, and well anything! Share your “none” stock pics with us by email or Instagram and Facebook! This website will be the number #1 place for people to buy, sell, or trade parts and information, more knowledge mean more power!!

We are building a store on our website that will not only contain our own merchandise and products but also other big names products, parts from other companies. We are also working hard to build a market place for you to make money by listing your own merchandise products or parts with no site sell fees. You post something for sale on our website you keep all the money! Sounds good right?

Be Organized

Get your garage in order. This one sounds simple, but it’s fundamental. A clean, neat garage makes every project quicker and easier, and the hours your invest up front cleaning it up and getting everything filed into its proper drawer, hanger, or cabinet, will pay dividends on that Saturday when you want to finish installing your new headers and still have time for dinner and a movie.

Favorite Quote

“I don’t design cars. I’m not a designer. I know what I desire to be built, I know what the end result is, the horsepower, the competition we’ll be working against – but I leave it to the people who work with me to put it all together. I don’t do anything.” – Carroll Shelby

Our principles

  • Stand Out
  • Be loud
  • Boost Everything
  • More power

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